The SVU Connection


When the daughter-in-law of a prominent religious educator is found murdered in her hotel room, Detectives Benson and Stabler suspect an at-large burglar who recently has been breaking and entering several Manhattan hotel rooms. However, their attention later turns towards someone close to the pregnant victim where they learn that she was probably conducting an affair at the time of her slaying.


Story:Nick HardingNick Kendrick
Teleplay:Robert PalmWendy West
Director:Richard Dobbs
Detective Elliot StablerChristopher Meloni
Detective Olivia BensonMariska Hargitay
Richard BelzerDetective John Munch
Dann FlorekCaptain Donald Cragen
Det. Monique Jeffries Michelle Hurd
Room Service Manager Patrick Boll
John Fenwick Norbert Leo Butz
Lana Hoffman Kelly Deadmon
Ben Hadley Jr. Bo Foxworth
Dr. Ben Hadley Robert Foxworth
Hotel Security Manager Harry Goz
Burglary Detective Rich Hebert
M.E. Elizabeth Rodgers Leslie Hendrix
Assistant District Attorney John Benjamin Hickey
Professor Tom Lacy
Povill's Attorney Matthew Lawler
Sally Yvette Mercedes
Ken Briscoe Chris Orbach
Maid Iraida Polanco
C.S.U. Tech Brice Linda Powell
Tony Al Thompson
Brad Weber Richard Thompson
Sharon Hadley Anne Twomey
Attorney Kirby Ward
Ben Hadley's Attorney Christopher Wells
Lawyer Jim Weston
CSU Tech Welly Yang