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A benefit to exploring a television program on the internet is the myriad of extraneous items available to a fan or newcomer to the show. Many fans of television programs make content that may not have been necessary or feasible as few as ten years ago, readily available on the internet. The Downloads sectional at The SVU Connection gives those who may already be familiar with Law & Order: SVU extra elements to the show to give a new level of enjoyment to watching a television show. Items such as video compilations from the show, playable computer game characters and computer desktop wallpapers give SVU fans a chance to experience the program outside of the television and enables fans to have a deeper grasp and following of show, far greater than that seen several decades in the past.

And so, The SVU Connection presents the greatest enhancement to obsessing over a television show: Downloads.

  • Mariska Hargitay as a sim
  • Download Detective Benson for your The Sims 2 game.
  • Detective Benson, portrayed by actress Mariska Hargitay, is available to be downloaded and played in the game simulation game, The Sims 2. "Detective Benson" sim requires The Sims 2 and The Sims 2: Nightlife and there is no guarantee that the character will work correctly without both the initial game and subsequent expansion pack installed on one's system. The sim also contains a custom outfit and custom makeup created by The SVU Connection which will be availble for use throughout the game once the character has been downloaded. "Detective Benson's" eyes were created by and were used with Permission to Redistribute.
  • YouTube video: Funny Quotes from the SVU
  • YouTube allows anyone with a computer and the most basic video-editing equipment to become an instant star. The SVU Connection has several videos featured on YouTube, and Funny Quotes from the SVU is a collection of humorous incidents and expressions found throughout the years on Law & Order: SVU. Set to the tune of "Don't You Just Know It" by Huey "Piano" Smith, the video flashes through several minutes of amusing episode clips and its second half features the antics of Detective John Munch.

Watch an Episode

*Disclaimer: These are here only as a means of temporarily watching some episodes of the series. The quality of these videos is "below average" and is not likely to increase in the future. This is an incentive for visitors to obtain the episodes through DVD purchase or via iTunes. The SVU Connection will add and remove episodes at its discretion and often without notice. Please do not request specific episode uploads or a stronger quality of current or future episodes. The SVU Connection will not (for any reason) share, send or exchange episodes by e-mail, snail mail, courier, direct connect, meeting in a dark alley with a briefcase, etc. and all requests for such will be ignored. Also, please take note of the site-wide disclaimer.

Season 10: Trials
Season 10 Premiere - An investigation into the behaviour of a seven-year-old leads the unit to uncover more than a few twists about the boy's foster family.
Season 3: Wrath
While Law & Order: SVU involves a large ensemble cast, some episodes revolve specifically around one character. In this episode, an old foe takes his wrath out on one of the squad's detectives.
Season 6: Pure
Guest starring Martin Short, "Pure" is creates an atmosphere of intrigue and fear as the detectives race around the city to find a missing girl. As the investigation develops, a man calling himself a professional psychic emerges to assist in the case. The detectives are immediately skeptical of his so-called abilities, but as they discover more about the case, there seems to be more about the psychic than meets the eye.
Season 7: 911
Olivia spends hours on the phone with a little girl trapped by a pedophile who, through high-tech abilities of magicial proportion, seems to have the detectives stymied at every turn.
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