The SVU Connection


At the request of one of the victims, the police commissioner comes to Cragen with a special request -- close the case of the man who raped three women nearly five years ago before the statute of limitations expire. The detectives finally get a lead when they realise one of the victims knows the rapist, but she's not willing to talk.


Writer:Wendy West
Director:Stephen Wertimer
Detective Elliot StablerChristopher Meloni
Detective Olivia BensonMariska Hargitay
Richard BelzerDetective John Munch
Dann FlorekCaptain Donald Cragen
Det. Monique Jeffries Michelle Hurd
Judge Alan Ridenour Harvey Atkin
Trial Judge #2 Leslie Ayvazian
Jennifer Neal Jenny Bacon
Andrew Garrick Tom Bloom
Dan Latimer John Doman
Police Commissioner Lyle Morris John Driver
Private Investigator Sam Freed
Tony Nicholas J. Giangiulio
Older Quaker Woman Margaret Goodman
Younger Quaker Kate Hampton
Victoria Kraft Judith Hawking
Judge Kevin Beck Peter Francis James
Max Gustave Johnson
Lois Creen Seana Kofoed
Harvey Denis Michael Marisi Ornstein
Roy Paul Reggio
Ruby Mazzanti Francesca Rizzo
A.D.A. Kathleen Eastman Jenna Stern
Robbery Division Captain Isiah Whitlock Jr.