The SVU Connection


When a judge is found murdered in his car, the detectives soon begin taking a look into his background and learned that he often delivered special verdicts for women in return for sexual favors, and was behind the funding of a local governor's bid for re-election. The team soon turns their eye to a battered wife with a secret.


Writer:Wendy West
Director:Stephen Wertimer
Detective Elliot StablerChristopher Meloni
Detective Olivia BensonMariska Hargitay
Richard BelzerDetective John Munch
Dann FlorekCaptain Donald Cragen
La Vonne Echo Allen
Assistant District Attorney Frank Deal
Junkie Kelly DeMartino
Emily Waterbury Angie Everhart
Minnie Judy Frank
Detective Ken Garito
Roger Silver Jack Gwaltney
Varella's Secretary Linda Halaska
M.E. Elizabeth Rodgers Leslie Hendrix
Det. Monique Jeffries Michelle Hurd
Marcus (State Attorney General) Bill Marcus
Jillian Silver Pammy Martin
Gina Silver Kathryn Meisle
Sergeant David Mucci
Detective Ken Briscoe Chris Orbach
Carole Pinto Brenda Pressley
Delfino Melendez Otto Sanchez
Peter Tyler Charles Tuthill
Sheena Reid Lanette Ware
Det. Brian CassidyDean Winters