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Flight, a novel

Flight is a novel-length fan fiction, featuring a wealth of original characters, yet not diminishing from those of the show. This fan fiction has been written so that anyone, regardless of familiarity with SVU, can enjoy it.

  • The story is also available at:
  • Flight Facts - facts, figures and tidbits
  • Rating: R, for violence and adult language or themes; no smut
  • Spoilers: Closure, Disrobed, Slaves, Wrong is Right, Wrath, Escape, Charisma, Weak, Intoxicated, Fault, Informed, Infiltrated, Clock, Underbelly, Burned
  • Other Notes: Takes place directly after "Burned." Anything occurring in the show afterward should be disregarded in relation to this story.
  • Special Thanks goes out to Jo; Wendy; svuismylifemoce from; dadoinkdoink, FAN4EVER, mrslee, MunichGirl/Olivia44 and SVUgal1318 from the USA forums and Froggie from MySpace.
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