The SVU Connection


In a continuation of the internal investigation into the psyches of the Special Victims Unit staff, the focus turns to two detectives -- one who wants to seduce and one who wants to destroy some of the shady characters they encounter on the job. Meanwhile, Detective Stabler's home and work lives blur horrifically when his daughter Maureen witnesses a gory crime scene as she accompanies her father in discovering the burning dead body of an analyst for a major defense contractor. While ambitious new Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cabot pursues the uncooperative employers of the victim, and his missing ward, with equal fervor, Detective Odafin "Fin" Tutuola transfers to the Special Victims Unit from Narcotics to join in the investigation.


Written:David J. BurkeJeff Eckerle
Director:Ted Kotcheff
Detective Elliot StablerChristopher Meloni
Detective Olivia BensonMariska Hargitay
Richard BelzerDetective John Munch
Dann FlorekCaptain Donald Cragen
Det. Monique Jeffries Michelle Hurd
Michael Goren Adam Kaufman
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot Stephanie March
Craig Prince Gerry Bamman
Kathy Stabler Isabel Gillies
Maureen Stabler Erin Broderick
Police Commissioner Lyle Morris John Driver
Danny Burrell Paul Wesley
Dr. Taylor Lance Reddick
Jason Sloan Nathan Wetherington
Dr. Emil Skoda J.K. Simmons
Munch's Informant John Doman
Denise Sandler Laura Regan
Principal Dietz Michael X. Martin
Local Police Officer Christopher Wynkoop
Ralph Noble Geoffrey Ewing
Counselor Scheider Denise Burse
Teacher Suzanne Grodner
Coach Michael Hollick
PD Eisendrath T.J. Kenneally
Policeman #1 John McGinty
School Secretary Elizabeth Martin
Detective Odafin 'Fin' Tutuola Ice-T (uncredited)