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Author's Notes for Secrets

  • Author's Notes:
    A/N: MehÖIíll be the first to admit that this is not the best thing Iíve ever written, but itís an idea thatís been swirling in my mind for the last year and now, itís finally developed into a real story. The setup for this scenario is a little gimmicky, but hopefully the rest of the story will work well. Cheers!
    A/N: I know it does not seem like it, but swear Iím going somewhere with this story. It starts to come together in Chapter 3.
    A/N: Okay, I fibbed a little; Chapter 3 is not the riveting piece of fiction I was promising. Sorry! Sometimes stories start to take on a life of their own and become something a bit larger than what I had originally intended. I have, however, got most of the remaining story written, so the updates should be coming a lot quicker. I also take a lot of artistic liberties with this chapter in order to give the effect that I want. I know some things are not ďnormalĒ procedure, but I try make them at least sound correct.


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